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Australia is a developed country with a prosperous multi-culture society and has excellent results in many international comparisons of national performance such as health care, life expectancy, quality-of-life, human development, public education, economic freedom, and the protection of civil liberties and political rights. 

Australia has six states- New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia, Tasmania, Victoria, and Western Australia- and two major mainland territories- the Northern Territory and the Australian Capital Territory (ACT).

Australia : Frequently Asked Questions
Do I need to take the Academic or General IELTS test?
The General IELTS test will be sufficient If you have cleared the Academic test, you may submit those results too, 
provided they meet the minimum scores required by DIAC. 
Can I submit two sets of IELTS results and choose the best components between them to score 10/20 points?
Should I submit my original skills assessment advice/result to DIAC or will a certified copy suffice?
yes,you can submit certified photocopies of documents. What if I have more than one occupation that I think I can nominate sometimes a person have qualification and/or experience that allows him to nominate more than one skilled occupation.so in this case, there is nothing stopped that person for applying to more than one skills.If successful, the person choose the assessment that suits him/her best. Please Note that especially this may help in getting STNI(state nomination) in case one occupation is not in the list then other may be there. 
Do I need to meet the basic requirements if I pass the points test? 
Yes. All skilled visa applicants must meet their subclasses' basic requirements. 
My visa label is still valid, but it's in an expired passport. What do I do?
However if you need it can be stamped on new passport also.
How do I determine what my visa number is?
A visa number will always be a 10 digit number followed by an alphabetical character. 
What happens if I am from outside Australia after the expiry of the re-entry facility for my Resident Return Visa or my permanent visa?
if you are from outside of Australia and If you hold a permanent visa for Australia, and your visa is due to expire 
before your planned return to Australia, you will lose your Australian permanent resident status when you return to 
Australia An RRV is one such visa that allows you to re-enter Australia for permanent residence after your initial migrant visa's re-entry facility has expired.
I am in Australia on a permanent visa, and it's about to expire. What will happen to me if my visa expires?
If you are in Australia on a permanent visa, this right is intact when your visa expires while you are in Australia 
.however if you need to leave Australia you must obtain RRV(this is authority to re-enter Australia ).normally if you 
have stayed for 2 years in 5 years .you get a RRV for 5 years and this allows you unrestricted entry entry for 5 more 
years. in case you leave australia without RRV can be denied entry as your visa had lapset
Can I have permanent visas for more than 1 country?
Under Australian law, it is not illegal, however to maintain multiple permanent residence you need to meet the condition stipulated by each country.. 
Is it legal for me to apply for permanent visas from more than 1 country?
From Australian law's perspective, yes, it's legal. 
What happens if I get pregnant before my request for medicals?
please seek the doctor advice for undergoing an x-ray.in case you are advised against under going an x-ray. please ensure that the your case officer in informed. you ensure the your case officer in informed. you case may decide to put your applicator in suspension Until after your programming. 
What happens if I have my visa, but not travelled to Australia to validated it, and my child is born?
If your visa has already been granted, your newborn child will not get a visa granted on your already successful 
application. You have an obligation to inform DIAC about the new addition to your family, as a change of circumstances before initial validation needs to be reported to DIAC. Your baby will have to be sponsored on a child visa later on. 
What is my newborn baby's Australian residence status?
born in Australia, and at least one parent is an Australian permanent visa holder or Australian citizen, child is an 
Australian citizen by birth. born in Australia, and none of the parent is an Australian citizen or permanent visa holder, your child acquire the resident status of one of the parents, can choose what ever is "beneficial "to you. If at least one of the parent is Australian citizen and child is born outside Australia, child is eligible for Australian citizenship by descent. If child born outside Australia, and neither parent is an Australian citizen, your child has no immigration status in Australia and need a visa to enter Australia. 
can Australian citizens are freely work and live in New Zealand?
Australian citizens may live, study and work freely in New Zealand.so,Time spent in New Zealand on an Australian permanent visa does not count toward Australian citizenship. Children born in New Zealand to Australian permanent visa holders where neither parent is an Australian citizen do not become Australian citizens by birth. 
How many points are required for Australian visas?
65 Points 
I am fulfilling all the criteria. But as far as the processing time is concerned, I would turn 50 in the coming few months. What shall I do in this case? 
you file your application as soon as possible. your application is decked with the copies of your IELTS score, and your 
Skills Assessment results. giving an IELTS test and getting positive skills assessment within the short time at your 
disposal is of critical importance. As processing time may vary, lodge your application before you reach the age of 50.Is it mandatory to present previous Employer's reference letter? 
Yes, it is essential to present previous Employer's reference letter. In addition, you may be asked to present all the 
relevant documents linked with your work experience with past countries too. 
For Australian visa, does my spouse have to sit in IELTS too? 
sitting in IELTS is a must for everyone. It is a must for spouse to get an overall and score of 4.5 which is known as the functional level. If she fails, she would then have to go for the payment of a second visa application charge.
What all documents are needed to submit along with skills assessment application? 
Different documents are required for different job titles. your relevant assessing body may ask you to provide certain 
specific documents which might not be needed in other profession. Mail visainfo@vsnl.net to ask all about your case.
Can I visit Australia while my migration application is being processed? 
Yes. But……You will need to meet the requirements for that class of visa, which include the requirement that you only 
intend a holiday or short visit…and you must inform us if you are temporarily in Australia as we can continue your processing whilst you are there.
Can I be granted my migrant visa while I am in Australia? 
No. You must be outside Australia before we can grant you the migrant visa. You must depart Australia for your visa to be granted .
Do I have to lodge my passport with my application? 
Passports are NOT required to make a valid application. residence visa applications you should provide your passport with 2 unused visa pages with your application.If you think that you will need your passport during this time, DO NOT send it with your application. We deal with a large number of visa applications and can not guarantee that we will be able to return your passport to you when you need it.
If I am approved, how long do I have before I must travel to Australia? 
The initial entry date is the date by which you must travel to Australia . This date is calculated based on the validity 
of your health and character clearances. These clearances are usually only valid for 12 months.

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