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Denmark is a beautiful county and well known for its high living standards and has been announced several times as the happiest county in the world. It is part of the Schengen countries that consist of Northern and Western Europe. Denmark is the best city for students. Denmark is also a safe place to live due to very low crime rate and welfare systems. Danish education system has gotten a remarkable good ranks each year. As an international student in Denmark you can expect world-class education in areas such as Engineering, life sciences, social sciences and IT. You will also be studying in a safe, friendly and innovation-driven environment. Denmark is welcoming thousands of international students at their universities, which are known for their practical study approach. Denmark invites you to study to be inspired and to gain an excellent foundation for your career.

Name: Denmark (the Kingdom of Denmark includes Greenland and the Faroe Islands)
Area: 43,075 km2
Time zone: CET (UTC+1)
Climate Temperate climate with cold winters and mild summers
Capital: Copenhagen
Major cities: Aarhus ,Odense, Aalborg
Language: Danish (English and German widely spoken)
Government: Parliamentary democracy
Currency: Danish kroner (DKK)

10 Reasons to Study in Denmark
1. Top-Rated Universities
  The University of Copenhagen is ranked high amongst its fellow schools in Denmark. It boasts a high international student exchange rate with a myriad of courses from     which you can choose. It's also one of the largest centers for research and education in the Nordic countries.
2. Scholarships & Grants
  The University of Copenhagen offers government scholarships for those traveling from China, Egypt, Israel, Japan, and Russia. It also offers other scholarships based        on   studies and origins.
3. Unique Social Life & Traditions
  Students in Denmark are involved in more social interactions surrounding their studies. At the beginning of the year, students are placed into study groups which meet      weekly to discuss readings and class work.
4. Housing & Living Costs
  If your university at home is partnered with Denmark already, then you will only pay your school's tuition. If you are not coming from a partner school, then you will pay      Denmark's tuition.
5. Happiest Country in the World
Denmark was voted the happiest country in the world in April 2016, via the World Happiness Report. To rank the 156 surveyed countries, a team from the University of British Columbia looked at what the "countries have in common: a large GDP per capita, healthy life expectancy at birth, and a lack of corruption in leadership.
6. Exotic Food Culture
Another reason to study abroad in Denmark is to experience the country's unique food culture. For breakfast, Danish folk will often have a dish called "junket crumble" or "ymerdrys." It consists of crumbled rye bread mixed with brown sugar.
7. Wildlife & National Parks
Elk, boars, wolves, and brown bears frequent the terrains of Denmark. However, many other large mammals once found here have slowly gone extinct.
The most common mammals seen include rodents like rabbits, hedgehogs, foxes, squirrels, and the European polecat. Roe deer are also common and roam the landscape freely.
8. Diverse Geography & Outdoor Activities
Denmark sits just above Germany and contains many islands around the mainland. Norway and Sweden are not too far off to the north, and may be an easy trip to take on a weekend. The lands are generally flat, but now low enough to have a lot of swampland. The coastlines are beautiful and the islands surrounding are densely populated.
9. Events & Festivals
The Ribe International Viking Market is a historic event that occurs each May. It showcases the way Vikings used to live hundreds of years ago. People from all over Scandinavia flock to Ribe to attend the events and historical shows held there.
10. Popular Landmarks
Denmark is a gold mine for students wishing to study history, anthropology, geography, the social sciences, and many more. It boasts an abundance of historical sites and museums, which showcase thousands of years of culture and tradition of the Nordic people.


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