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Malaysia is a country of diversity. It is home to numerous ethnic groups, races and religions. Its geographical location is almost as diverse as its culture. Malaysia, known as the gateway to Asia, has just about the right balance of city life and nature. From Kuala Lumpur's Petronas Twin Towers to rainforests, Malaysia has a bit of everything.

Malaysia has two mainland areas (West Malaysia and East Malaysia) separated by the South China Sea. The climate is tropical, and you can expect warm weather throughout the year. The generous monsoon seasons keep the country green and the plants healthy. Malaysia shares a land border with Thailand to the north, and Singapore to the south, but is otherwise surrounded by the sea.

Why study in Malaysia?
Malaysia’s rich culture - due to the major and minor ethnicities living in the country - is one of the main reasons why it is one of the best destinations for those who want to study abroad. As of 2016, there were 172,886 internationals students in Malaysia’s higher education institutions, private and international schools, and language centres. The cost of living is also lower as compared to other countries - with a wide variety of foods, accommodation and recreational activities you can do.
Further to that, the government’s ultimate goal to make the country a major education hub in the region is well on its way. Aside from the world-class home-grown universities, Malaysia also has foreign university branches. This means you can get a more affordable, but still a top-notch education when you study in Malaysia.

Cost of Studying and Living in Malaysia
Malaysia uses the Malaysian Ringgit (MYR) as its currency.
Tuition fees will vary at each institution, but will be lower at one of the many public universities. On average, an international student can expect to pay around MYR 7,000 per year for a bachelor’s degree. Masters degrees will cost an international student around MYR 11,000 per year. Private and foreign institutions may have higher tuition fees, particularly for specialist subjects such as medicine.
The cost of living in Malaysia is low in comparison to other tourist destinations like America and the UK. It is recommended that you budget for between MYR 10,000 and MYR 15,000 per year. This includes food, travel and accommodation. If you are living in a bigger city such as Kuala Lumpur, your living costs will be higher than if you are living in a smaller city or town. You will also need to make sure you have health insurance for your time in Malaysia, your institution can give you advice on the best policies for students.

Benefits of studying in Malaysia
  • Multicultural environment where students get to know various people from different religion and culture.  
  • A politically stable country.
  • International standard of education, with post-study work opportunities. Since Malaysia looks for skilled workers, the industries are in need for good graduates always.  
  • A range of programs are on offer for students, along with twinning programs and programs that are on offer by branch campuses.
  • Straightforward immigration procedures that make it easier for students to transit to the country.
  • Safe country for international students. As per the Global Peace Index, Malaysia ranks 29th on the list of most peaceful country in the world, out of a list of 163 countries.  
  • Fantastic travel destination for travelholics!
  • Malaysia is a food haven for those who can’t live without experiencing some incredible cuisines in the world.
  • Students can receive degrees from countries like the UK, the USA and Australia.
  • Last but not least, Malaysia is an affordable study destination for students.
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