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Singapore, the “Lion City” is known for its economy and financial success. The nation is among four “Asian Tiger” economies (along with Hong Kong, South Korea and Taiwan) apart from this, it’s also one of the leading education hub in Asia , Education is priority in Singapore and the nation is recognized as a ‘global schoolhouse’. This island nation is famous for its universities and student friendly climate. It has been seen in global surveys on research and innovation, Singapore is the most prominent country in the list. It may be a small country, but scope for higher education in Singapore is significant. English is the officially designated language for the education system. Every year, an increasing number of international students at all levels of education makes the decision to study for their degrees in Singapore.

Full name: Republic of Singapore
Language official languages Mandarin, Malay, Tamil and English
Capital of Singapore: Singapore
Currency: SGD (Singapore Dollar)

1. Amazing weather
Singapore has extremely amazing sea weather. Unlike the other Southeast Asian countries, you will get unexpected showers in Singapore at any time. With lots of sunshine and random showers throughout the year, the weather in Singapore is quite consistent. In addition, almost all the malls, cafes and shops in Singapore are air-conditioned and you won't feel hot even in the summer.
2. Top-notch education system
The rapid development and internationalisation of education in Singapore has got the third rank in the QS Best Student City Rankings 2013. This comes true because of the internationally recognised local universities of Singapore. The education system of Singapore adopts the western ideologies as well as methodologies to encourage the independent learning among students.
There is no other better place than Singapore especially if you want to pursue a business degree. It is one of the most business-friendly countries of the world. If you choose the top universities in Singapore, your future will become bright.
3. English-speaking country
Singapore has a total of four national languages and English is one among them. Hence, language is not a problem here. It is quite easy and comfortable to get around in Singapore.  International students can quickly adjust here because 75% of the country's population can speak English. Most importantly, the official language of education in Singapore is English. Therefore, international students don't feel alien here.
4. Clean and safe country
Singapore has been named as Garden City because the streets are lined with trees. There are so many green parks designed all around the island. The city is very clean and has very strict punishments for people who litter around.
Singapore is not only a beautiful and vibrant place to live, but also good in terms of safety. With extremely strict laws, it has very low crime rate. City streets and public transportation are completely secure for commuters. Moreover, drug abuse and ragging in college campus are strictly prohibited in Singapore.
5. Affordable cost
Studying in Singapore is less expensive when compared to the US and the UK. The normal cost of living in Singapore is also very much lower than countries like Australia, Canada, the US and the UK. It is one of the most economic options for students who want to pursue international education. A student can do a course of his choice between 200,000 to 400,000 Singapore Dollars here. You can also get study in Singapore scholarships if you are a meritorious student.
6. International batch mates
Singapore is a perfect blend of East and West and it contains incredible religious and cultural diversity. Here, you will get the opportunity of meeting students from all over the world. Students from more than 30 countries come to study at the top universities in Singapore. This will get you the advantage of being familiar with an inter-cultural environment as well as excellent global networking opportunities. You can learn and exchange a lot of things with each other.

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