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Why Study in Switzerland?

Switzerland seems the type of country that excels at everything: from great psychologists like Jung and Piaget, to sportsmen and women, like Federer and Hingis, and even ground-breaking physicists like Einstein - the degrees and fields are top notch.
Also, Switzerland is located in the heart of Europe, and, considering all the jokes about how compact the countries are, there’s no wonder you could visit 3 countries in only one afternoon, experiencing the true international experience to the maximum.
What to study in Switzerland
  • Switzerland is famous for the neutral, yet special position it holds in the EU. Seeing as they produce the best bankers and the best lawyers, it comes as no surprise that the best and most sought-after degrees in Switzerland are in fields such as:
  • Study Finance in Switzerland 
  • Study Business Administration in Switzerland 
  • Study International Law in Switzerland 
  • Study Mathematics in Switzerland 
  • Study International Business in Switzerland 
Major cities in Switzerland
Switzerland doesn’t have a de jure capital, meaning that no city is recognised as the capital. However, the de facto city recognised as the governmental seat is Bern.
And, because Switzerland won’t make things easier for us, the largest city in the country is Zurich.
There’s not just only one good location. You can take your pick from the list below:
Study in Zürich 
Study in Bern 
Study in Lausanne 
Study in Genève 
Study in Montreux 
Study in Neuchâtel 

Population 7.3 million (July 2003 EST.)
Official languages -German, French, Italian, and Romansh.
Capital: Bern
Major cities Zurich, Basle, Geneva, Berne and Lausanne
Zurich: Largest city, financial and industrial center
Telephone country prefix- 41
Switzerland Currency – Swiss Franc

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